Key features include:

  • Innovative content design engaging the smartphone generation
  • Hundreds of interactive media elements including virtual reality, animations, 3D models, interactive maps, gamified quizzes and more
  • History lessons examining historical and archeological information fostering a better understand of the Bible and its context
  • Narrative lessons presenting significant concepts, events, and personalities of the Bible
  • Impact lessons connecting the influence of the Bible on societies and cultures over time
  • Enhance student comprehension with “Why is this Interesting?” and “Why is this Important” features
  • 108 chapters spanning the Bible
    • Volume 1: Genesis to Ruth
    • Volume 2: Samuel through the Prophets
    • Volume 3: The Gospels
    • Volume 4: Acts through Revelation
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-use teacher’s guide

Homeschool Curriculum

Museum of the Bible set out to combine a student’s love for technology with a curriculum on the greatest book ever written. Our exclusive Interactive Textbook combines digital media elements with engaging technology to create a homeschool curriculum on the history, narrative, and impact of the Bible for the smartphone generation. The result is a robust learning environment where students are more engaged in the history, narrative and impact of the Bible than ever before.

History lessons examine the historical and archeological information fostering a better understanding of the Bible and its context. History lessons also benefit from drawing upon the 40,000 artifacts in the Museum Collection.

Narrative lessons present significant concepts, events, and personalities of the Bible in an objective and descriptive way. The narrative lessons fit into the overall presentation of the Bible as a tool of cultural literacy and a primary force of Western Civilization.

Impact lessons connect the influence of the bible on societies and cultures over time. All lessons – history, narrative and impact – maintain religious neutrality to fully respect diverse religions and traditions associated with the Bible.

Our homeschool curriculum offers you depth of resources with flexibility designed for the whole family. The Teacher’s Guide fully equips the parent with lesson plans covering goals, activities, discussions, answer keys and chapter summaries. The four volume set provides ample ways for parent and student to have a meaningful learning experience around the Bible.

The Interactive Textbook, recommended at a high school level, allows you to take your curriculum on the go! Wherever your adventures lead - and you can access all the material from your iPad or Android tablet - even while offline.


Volume 1 Homeschool Edition Now Available!

Museum of the Bible has just released Volume 1 of the Homeschool Curriculum version – both the Interactive Textbook for students and the Teacher’s Guide for parents!

Volume 1 contains rich narratives from Genesis to Ruth! The Interactive Textbook is suitable for the following tablets:

  • iOS: Any iPad with a Retina display, i.e. iPad 3 and above, any iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 and above and iPad Pro.
  • Android:
    • OS version 5 and above
    • at least 1.5GB RAM
    • gyroscope
    • screen size at least 5.5"

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